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  The Mt. Vernon Elks Lodge 819 Ladies Of The Elks (LOTE) is open to members or the spouses or widows of members of Elks Lodge 819. The Ladies meet the first Tuesday of each month
 at 6:30 PM in the Phoneix Room.


  •   The 2015-2016 LOTE officers are:
    • President: Lynette Fair
    • Vice President: Ruth Rakey
    • Treasurer: Kathy Bowling
    • Secretary: Tracy Flota
    • Social Secretary: Darla Oliver
      Feel free to contact any of the LOTE officer with any questions you may have regarding their organization.

      If you would like to become a LOTE member, click here for a membership application.

      Looking forward to this upcoming year. LOTE is excited to continue our fundraisers that have been successful for the past. Our goal is to support the lodge in any way that we can, including
     raising money for the Illinois Children's Care Corporation and the National Foundation of the Elks.